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    Caño Negro is easy to reach

    Drive to Caño Negro with your own car

    Drive to Caño Negro

    Caño Negro is located in the northern region, in-between 25 kilometers from Los Chiles and 30 kilometers from Upala. The region is accessible all year by car or by bus. If you decide to travel by car in Costa Rica, we advise you to always rent at least a small 4×4, because in Costa Rica we do not have very good roads, doesn’t matter where you go.

    If you want to visit Caño Negro, just drive there. You have 2 options:
    If you are in Guanacaste Region, you have to drive thru Upala.
    If you are in the west region, like Arenal or Sarapiquí, you have to drive in direction to Los Chiles.

    Travel by Car

    From San José (Central Valley) to Caño Negro

    Through Cañas-Guanacaste: starting your trip from the Central Valley, use the highway 27 to Caldera, then follow the signs to Barranca. In Barranca, change to Route 1/ Interamericana in the direction of Cañas. 5 Kilometers after Cañas turn right onto Route 6, which leads you to Upala. In Upala, leave the town in the direction of Guatuso. You will cross an Iron Bridge and approximately 8km later, turn left (north) next to an orange hardware store. Now you just have to follow the road 25km into Caño Negro.


    Through Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí: Leave San José on Route 32. Follow the Route approximately 50km. Shortly after Las Minas, turn left at ‘Restaurante Rancho Robertos’ on Route 4. Follow route 4 for 80km, going through Puerto Viejo Sarapiquí. In Muelle de San Carlos, turn right onto Route 35. Follow the route for 65 kilometers and 3 kilometers after el Parque turn left. Now just follow the road 25km into Caño Negro.


    Through Sarchí, San Ramón or Naranjo: Leave the city on highway 1 / Interamericano following the signs to Ciudad Quesada. After 42km turn right onto Route 141. Follow this route for 50km, through Ciudad Quesada. In Florencia, 9km after Ciudad Quesada, turn right onto Route 35. Follow this route for 65 kilometers. 3 kilometers after passing el Parque turn left and follow this Route 25km into Caño Negro.

    Travel by Car

    From Arenal to Caño Negro

    Starting from La Fortuna, take Route 4 out of the city, following  signs to Muelle de San Carlos or Los Chiles. At Tanque (large crossing road, with supermarket and gasoline station), turn left onto Route 4 and follow the route for 13km. In Muelle de San Carlos (wide intersection with gas station), turn left again onto Route 35 towards Los Chiles. Follow the route for 65km and shortly after passing el Parque turn left and drive 25km into Caño Negro.

    From Guanacaste Province to Caño Negro

    Southern Guanacaste(from the south of the peninsula to Tamarindo): Take the highway 18, going over Río Tempisque bridge. 27 kilometers after the bridge turn north on the Pan-American Highway/ Route 1. Follow the Route for 28 kilometers, going through Cañas.  7 kilometers after Cañas, turn right onto Route 6. Follow the route for 60 kilometers, going through Upala. In Upala, change to Route 4 and cross the metal bridge going to Colonia de Puntarenas. Continue 9 kilometers and take the highway to the left to Caño Negro.


    Bijagua – Tenorio Follow Route 6, going north. to Upala. In Upala, change to Route 4 and cross the metal bridge going to Colonia de Puntarenas. Continue 9 kilometers and take the highway to the left to Caño Negro.


    Northern Guanacaste(from Tamarindo north): Go east to Liberia and then travel south until you get to the Upala intersection, then follow the directions given above.

    Travel by Bus

    From San José to Caño Negro through Ciudad Quesada and Los Chiles

    If you would like to travel by bus, that is the cheapest way to travel around every where in Costa Rica, we suggest to use the App or web site
    There you can find all the information about it.


    Buses leave everyday from San José (Terminal 7-10) at 5:30am, 9:00am, 3:00pm and 5:00pm. They stop in Ciudad Quesada on their way.
    When you arrive to Los Chiles, you have to change the bus.
    Buses leave every day except Sunday from Chilsaca bus station, Los Chiles, at 5:00am, 12:00am and 3:00pm.
    Or, you have to take a local taxi.

    Travel by Bus

    From San José to Caño Negro through Cañas and Upala

    From San José to Cañas, you have to travel with Pulmitan de Liberia company.
    In Cañas, you have to change the bus, to travel to Upala.
    From Upala, you have to take an other bus to travel to Caño Negro de Los Chiles