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Visit our YourTube Channel, and discover what Caño Negro Refuge can offer you every days of the year.

Hotel de Campo Caño Negro

“ All Services in One Place to Enjoy your Vacations in Caño Negro”

Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism, For your next exotic holidays. Hotel de Campo Caño Negro is the answer to your gratified wishes. It is conveniently located in Costa Rica, at the #1 abundant wildlife and birdwatching spot: the National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro.

This Ecolodge hotel is carefully developed over a reforested area of 5 Ha: as an excellent result of over 20 years’ work, we have naturally created birding and photography spots, in front of the lagoon.

Hotel De Campo Is The Place For Your Holidays In Costa Rica

Therefore, when you are properly planning your exotic Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism, this is a pleasant place where you undoubtedly want to stay. When you are seeking a hotel that gives you all, we are the solution. Genuinely enjoy the unique experience of the real deal of Ecotourism. Vacation in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism at Hotel de Campo

Hotel de Campo enhanced a private protected area, that offers you the possibility for birdwatching all year round without barely moving from the hotel. Is a true birding and wildlife zone.

This private protected area properly establishes a natural crossing path between two majors lagoons of Caño Negro. As the desired result, this Eco Lodge Hotel became well known as one of the most proper spots for birdwatching Ecotourism, and photography for a great vacation in Costa Rica.

The Hotel in Caño Negro Refuge
Designed With Love For Nature


Hotel de Campo, offers 16 comfortable rooms, with a private bathroom, A/C, safe box, ceiling fan, surrounded by our botanical tropical garden.


When the afternoon is hot, relax at the pool. Always surrounded by the tropical botanical garden, birds, and monkey.


You can choose from a large variety of typical and Italian dishes. We purchase most of the organic ingredients from local farmers in order to support the local economy. 

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    Hotel de Campo, Caño Negro

    Visit our YourTube Channel, and discover what Caño Negro Refuge can offer you every days of the year.

    Sleep Inside A Botanical Garden
    During Your Vacations In Costa Rica

    Hotel de Campo Caño Negro is about ecotourism in Costa Rica. It is one of the onlies few hotels in Costa Rica that is built inside a botanical garden. In order to enjoy your Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching and ecotourism experiences, we develop over the years an open-air botanical garden.

    Our botanical garden represents many remarkable things for us. Our genuine passion for the plants, generations of knowledge about local flora and local fauna, and engagement in successful conservation and necessary protection of this beautiful nature and abundant wildlife.

    Hotel De Campo Caño Negro
    Is The Choice For Birdwatching

    About 28 years ago we had a Vacation in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism. After leaving the beach, we start this project about 20 years ago on an extensive ground of 5ha. By now, we have successfully grow 200 different species of exotic plants, local natives among exotics, fruit trees, medicinal, valuable timber, and ornamental plants. This reforestation project continues with native plants as a key priority.

    We have seen each one of the trees growing, admired their first flowers, and undoubtedly enjoyed their delicious fruits. In the same way, we have felt the satisfaction to see a lot of exotic birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles arriving for food and rest, feeling safe and at home in our garden.

    The botanical garden is not only about plants, orchids, and fruit trees. But it is also about the conservation of nature in Costa Rica.

    As we carefully plant new species, we think about which specific kind of butterflies, hummingbirds, frogs, birds, monkeys, and so on, will be living naturally in it, and will reproduce naturally in this nurturing environment. This makes Hotel de Campo one of the greatest best birding lodges in Costa Rica

    Our botanical garden is today the home of dozens of species of animals.

    Is time to Travel to Costa Rica
    Is time to visit caño negro wildlife refuge

    Looking for a full package?

    With Hotel de Campo you can enjoy a Wonderfull vacation in Costa Rica at the National Refuge of Caño Negro, choosing between 6+ packages. Or customize your own.

    Made for birdwatcher & photographer

    We prepare 3 packages from 2 to 4 nights, with up to 15 hrs of private birding and photography tours. You can customize these vacation packages.

    Made for nature lover

    We prepare 3 vacations packages from 1 to 3 nights, that include up to 5 hrs of boat tours in Caño Negro. These packages don’t include private trips, but you can upgrade it.

    Stay at one of the best birding lodges in costa rica

    And choose one of our
    Best Sold Vacation Packages
    made for Birdwatchers & Photographers

    This is our extended 1 Best Pinnated Bittern Birding Costa Rica Vacation Package. With this birding package, you can explore 2 hotpots: Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and Medio Queso. For the month of February to the end of April (approximately. It will depend on the water level) we can take a morning to visit Medio Queso, and look for the Pinnated Bittern, Least Bittern, Yellow-breasted crake, forktail flycatcher, sore. These are some birds that are more difficult to spot in Caño Negro, and easier in Medio Queso

    This prime vacation package for your vacation in Costa Rica is directly offered by Hotel de Campo. After many years of experience, we design this package. Eventually, it becomes the first choice for those tourists that love birding and photography but also like some free time for themself. The more time you spend on a boat tour at Caño Negro Refuge, the more chances you have to spot the bird that you are looking for, or to take the best shot of your vacation.

    #1 Best Agami Heron Birding Costa Rica Vacation Package is our #1 sold package. It is fit for any birdwatcher and/or photographer that has a short time during their vacation in Costa Rica. This affordable vacation package at Hotel de Campo, located just in front of the lagoon of the National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro, you will have up to 8 hours of tours for birding in Costa Rica, or taking the best shot of your vacations.

    A few tips for a great Vacation in Costa Rica

    The best time to have a Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourismwill depend on the type of vacation you want.
    For nature lovers that like an ecotour to see a little bit of everything, all year round is good. Nature is always there to amaze you. You will not be disappointed even on a rainy day.
    For a birding tour, if you are interested in any kind of bird, year-round is fine. But if you have any special interest in some spices, it will be better to coordinate the best moment of the year.

    One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica for a nature lover, or a more specialized birder and photographer is Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. Here you can enjoy a special Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism.
    This is an amazing refuge with a different scenario. We have a lagoons area, a river, and a mostly forest section.
    This almost unique wetland, it allows you to enjoy the different panorama and also switching between animal species: birds, sloths, monkeys, caimans, iguana, and so on.

    Rainy season in Caño Negro - Costa Rica is from the beginning of May to the end of November approximately. The season begins with very light rain, occasionally. It is difficult to find an all-day rainy situation. Probably, the rainiest period is around October and November. But even so, it probably won’t rain all day.
    In any case, as our tours are private, we would organize with you the best moment of the day to go discover the refuge.

    YES. Rain is part of the ecosystem, and finally, birds and mammal are not very worried about that.
    In any case, we do offer private tours and specially organized based on your interest. So, when you arrive at Hotel de Campo, we will organize the best moment to go explore the refuge.

    Costa Rica is a safe country and is a great place for solo travelers, especially when you are very into nature. This because you will explore no crowded places.
    In any case, as everywhere around the world, be organized, choose your destination carefully, and be safe.
    About Caño Negro, we can ensure you it is an excellent destination for solo female.

    Yes! Caño Negro and Costa Rica in general are great destinations for family vacations. Caño Negro is a very quiet place, very safe. It is a safe place to discover nature. Also, for families, our tours are always private. So, you will enjoy it for sure.
    For a family vacation, we offer rooms with up to 3 beds (2 doubles and 1 single bed) and joined rooms. So, you will never be apart, but with privacy.

    TIP in Costa Rica is only included in the bar and restaurant bill. For any other products and services, it is not included.
    I consider that TIP is a personal choice, based on the kind of service you receive.

    The currency of Costa Rica is the colon, colones plural.

    USD is accepted in Costa Rica when it comes to tourism. The current exchange rate is around 650 colones to $1 but it changes daily. Google's change is quite accurate.

    For an ecotour vacation, I do recommend bringing clothes that dry fast and wick away moisture, good walking shoes, lots of sunscreen and mosquito repellent, sunglasses, a hat, a microfiber towel, an insulated water bottle.
    If you’re visiting in the rainy season, then we recommend bringing a waterproof rain jacket and a waterproof backpack or rain cover

    A very good pair of binoculars. And if you are a photographer a lens at least 400mm.
    Why? Because only caimans you can see really close. Everything else is far away.

    For the rainy season, a waterproof hiking shoe. Also, and especially for wetland places and rainforest, a good pair of rubber boots. This is what local use. They protect you very well from rain and mud. And also, they dry up very fast.
    During the dry season, very comfortable hiking shoes, always waterproof.

    It will depend on where you are going. For most touristic destinations and the cities, there are paved roads, but also in ugly conditions and a 4×4 can more comfortable. Even so, a regular is ok.
    Driving to Caño Negro from the north (Los Chiles) the road is paved. But between Caño Negro and Upala, you will find 25 km of dirt road.
    But other remote and rural parts of the country do and these are Osa Peninsula, Nicoya Peninsula, and the Costa Ballena

    Not really. Costa Rica as only a few main roads, and normally to arrive at some destination, you will not have more than 1 or 2 options. Instead of a GPS, I will use Waze, or Google Maps (not so accurate as Waze).
    I am sure, that everybody can share with you their location with Whatsapp and Waze.

    We do have mosquitos, everywhere. How many? It depends where you go and the season. It is a tropical country.
    My best recommendation: electric burner for mosquitos. As you arrive in Costa Rica, go to a supermarket and purchase an electric burner for mosquitos. It is the best solution to clean your room and sleep well everywhere. And you will find spare all-round in Costa Rica. You can find that use plaquette, or with liquid. I do prefer to travel around with plaquette. Repellent, always.

    Of course in Caño Negro you can see sloths. Inclusive, in our private forest sometimes you can find them.

    When you travel to Costa Rica, you can trust to our Business Friends

    If you travel to Costa Rica from Germany, Italy, the USA, or Netherland, you can trust our business friends. Each one can offer you a special vacation package to visit Costa Rica. You can choose between a pre-programmed package to travel to Costa Rica, or you can request a custom package for a great vacation in Costa Rica.

    Reise von Deutschland nach Costa Rica

    Wir bieten Reisen für Naturfreunde in ausgewählte, besondere Lebensräume.
    Dazu entwickelten wir ganz eigene und sehr abwechslungsreiche Routen. 
    Naturnahe und adäquate Unterbringungen, sowie eine gute Reisesicherheit sind uns sehr wichtig.
    Wir leben den sanften Tourismus und legen Wert auf schonende Tierbeobachtung und sozialverträgliches Reisen.“Die Naturreise” ist ein Reiseveranstalter mit den Schwerpunkten Klein-Gruppenreisen und maßgeschneiderte Reisen.
    Viele Rundreisen leiten wir selbst: Sie sind konzipiert für Naturfreunde, auch Ornithologen oder Fotografen.
    Zur Absicherung Ihrer Zahlungen sind wir insolvenzversichert: Sie erhalten immer einen Reisepreissicherungsschein.
    Die passenden Flüge zu unseren Reisen in die Natur bieten wir ebenfalls.

    Viaggiare dall' Italia alla Costa Rica or From USA - Colorado

    Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge è parte dei pacchetti personalizzati che offriamo per il tuo viaggio in Costa Rica. Lavoriamo con singole persone e piccoli gruppi (max 8 persone) Utilizziamo furgoni nuovissimi e auto private.
    Tutte le nostre guide sono guide costaricane certificate che lavorano per noi da molto tempo. In alcune zone del paese lavoriamo anche con guide locali. Questa è una collaborazione molto importante soprattutto per avvistare alcuni uccelli particolari. In Costa Rica abbiamo più di 45 specie di quelli che abbiamo chiamato uccelli endemici. Gli uccelli endemici sono uccelli che vengono isolati dalla barriera geografica per un po’ e si sono evoluti in una nuova specie. Siamo tutti molto appassionati di birdwatching. Conosciamo i posti migliori per il birdwatching in Costa Rica e siamo costantemente alla ricerca di nuovi posti per il birdwatching nel paese

    Traveling from the USA - Tenessee to Costa Rica

    Whether you are looking for an amazing time birding at Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge bird walk, an epic two week adventure to Costa Rica, or something in between – Naturalists Paul and Amanda have 15+ years of guiding experience and expertise to ensure your tour with us will be EPIC!

    Embark on an Epic Tour to Costa Rica. Our small group and private tours to Costa Rica give you an incredible experience full of tropical birds and lush rainforests, while staying far from the crowds!

    Reizen van Nederland naar Costa Rica

    Laten we vogels kijken en fotograferen naar Costa Rica. Om Costa Rica reisinspiratie op te doen, vind je onderaan de pagina een aantal kant-en-klare, mooie voorbeeldreizen. Stuk voor stuk hebben onze klanten het als een geweldige reis ervaren! Deze zijn zo te boeken, maar kunnen net zo goed gezien worden als inspiratiebron of als voorbeeldreis en kunnen dus naar wens worden aangepast of uitgebreid. Specifiek voor uw reisgezelschap stellen wij dan uit verschillende elementen een reis samen. Met onze persoonlijke kennis van Costa Rica zijn we in staat om op maat gemaakte oplossingen te bieden die perfect passen bij uw reisgezelschap.