Planning yours Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica birding hotspots?

Planning your Birding Vacation Package to Costa Rica birding hotspots is now easy because we have a simple solution that fits all your needs when it is time to visit this amazing bird’s hotspot in Costa Rica. Our Birding Vacations Packages in Costa Rica are fully customizable.

Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Hotel de Campo prepare for you a few different vacation packages for your stay at Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. Those starting options are based on a common interest: Birdwatching and photography. Remember that the following options are based on our experience, but you can request to customize them.

All tours included in those vacation packages are privates. This is why we are going to explore the refuge of Caño Negro based on the bird’s request list (if you have one), or we are going to find anything that flies. Just remember, depending on the season you will travel to Costa Rica birding hotspots, birdwatching can be different. Let’s see together what would you like to see.

3 basic options for your Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Spending less the 2 nights in Caño Negro is not always worth it. There are many places to discover, and many birds to see. This is the reason why our packages start from 2 nights staying at Hotel de Campo. Let’s see your basic options:

Option 1:

The Agami package: For a quick visit to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, this is the right option for you. This offer includes 2 nights in Caño Negro Refuge with up to 8 hrs of private tours. Also dinners, brunch, or breakfast.

Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Option 2:

The Jabirú package: let’s take it easy, and birding a lot. With this offer, you will be birding for up to 12 hours around the Caño Negro Refuge. Dinners, brunch, or breakfast are always included.

Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Option 3:

The pinnated Bittern: With this package, you have the option to visit 2 Costa Rica birding hotspots: Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and Medio Queso. With more than 8 hours birding in Caño Negro, and a half-day trip to Medio Queso for special birds: Pinnated Bittern, Least bittern, yellow-breasted crack, and depending on the season sora and fork-tailed Flycatcher.

Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Useful Tips for a great vacation in Costa Rica birding hotspots

What to bring? BINOCULARS

Pleeease… Bring at least a decent binocular. Animals like to stay away from us. So at least a decent binocular is a must to spot any kind of animal. The minimum recommended size for a binocular is 8×36 or 8×40 is a very good decision. Today you can purchase a good binocular for $100. Try to avoid the cheapest binoculars, especially when you go for birdwatching.

Repellent and Mosquito “plaquitas”

Repellent and Mosquito “plaquitas” (in Google, just type “plaquitas mosquitos”.

YES, in Costa Rica, ALL around Costa Rica we do have mosquitoes. Try to buy the repellent in Costa Rica, is stronger.

Also, for your hotel room, we do have a special electric item, is an electric burner with an insert, in Spanish is “plaquitas”, that works perfectly, and you buy it in every supermarket.

Long pants and long sleeves

Long pants and long sleeves. I know is hot. But when we visit nature, the refuge, especially when we go for a walk, or during a night walk for frogs, long pants and long sleeves are a must.

Good pair of shoes, avoid flip-flops

Good pair of shoes. Please, avoid “chancletas”, flip-flops, any kind of flip-flop when you visit nature. Best shoes investment? By rubber boots. You can purchase this in any hardware store in Costa Rica, they are cheap.

Rubber boots are the best idea especially when you visit Costa Rica during the rainy season.

A decent camera

A decent camera. Even if taking pictures are not your thing, cellphone cameras are useless for nature pictures. They work fine for panoramic, but if you like to take a picture of a monkey, will be useless. If you like to travel light, look for a bridge camera. 

Cellphone local chip-card

Cellphone local chip-card. Purchase a pre-paid local line. They work fine in all of Costa Rica. So you will be sure to have internet for WhatsApp and other communication. Sometimes, when you travel to a hotel that is not close to a city, there is no cables company that offers the service. So hotels do not have good wifi service.

Birdwatching App

If you are a birdwatcher, is very useful to have a good cellphone, a good Bluetooth speaker, and the application of Merlin Bird ID. (for Android and IOS) Install this app at home, download the bird package for Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This is the best way to attract birds around. For example, when you have a moment in the garden of your hotel like we do at Hotel de Campo, use the sound. Call the birds.

If you need any other information, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us.