Hotel de Campo Caño Negro lies in a beautiful property of  50.000 square meters of unique Costa Rican Nature. The area is completely dedicated to conservation. Our Eco Lodge hosts 80 species of tropical fruit trees, decorative plants, medical trees and plants, forest and trails.


The property faces 300 meters of Caño Negro lagoon and Refuge. Therefore, Hotel de Campo is a true animal and nature paradise. You can find more than 100 species of residential birds in the Hotel, and even more migratory ones. Monkeys, iguanas and caymans are just a part of the other animals you will meet here. 


For us it is important to protect this beautiful place, wherefore we are part of the RAMSAR convention for the protection of the wetlands. Furthermore, since 2007 Caño Negro belongs to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve ‘Agua y Paz’.


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