Our botanical garden represents many things for us. Our passion for the plants, generations of knowledge about our fauna, and an engagement in conservation and protection of our beautiful nature and wildlife. The project began 18 years ago on a ground of 5ha. By now, we successfully grew 200 different species of plants, natives among exotics, fruit trees, medicinal, timber and ornamental plants. Our reforestation continues with native plants as a priority. 


We have seen each one of the trees growing, admired their first flowers and enjoyed their fruits. In the same way we have felt the satisfaction to see a lot of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles arriving for food and rest, feeling safe and at home in our garden. 


We want to share this beautiful little paradise and our knowledge with you on our walking tours through the garden. You will experience the animals and insects who found a home in our garden and get to know a lot of new plants and fruits as well as learn about the origins and characteristics of some you might already know.