Caño Negro is known and famous for its great birdwatching opportunities. There are 340 different types of birds in the Refuge, more than 100 of them resident in our Eco Lodge. Stroll through our botanical garden and go on a private Birdwatching Tour with our hotel own expert guides to explore them. 

This gallery and video give you a little insight in the great variety of birds you can find here.  A special thank you to our valued clients Suzanne Huot, Richard Garrigues, Richard Goodenough, Giuseppe Tarnero and Bruce Lyon for the following magnificent pictures.

Thank you to our beloved client and birding specialist Bonnie Clairfield-Bylin as well, who provided us with this beautiful list of all birds registered on her Eco Tour with our guide Alonso:  Caño Negro Lagoon Birding Tour




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